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About Us

American Immigration Attorneys Miami, PLLC (“AIA MIA”), was incorporated and established by Maria Vittori in 2017. AIA MIA was a spin-off of the already established immigration firm: American Immigration Attorneys, PLLC, located in Daytona Beach, Florida—where Maria first began her legal career.


Although the firms are separate and independent in many aspects, the experts working in both offices collaborate on many cases. With more than 50 years of combined immigration experience, both firms provide clients solutions for all U.S. Immigration Matters.


Our motto: “We Can Help!”

Maria VITTORI (FORMERLY Posada-Ricci)

Maria Vittori was born in Venezuela, and came to the U.S. at an early age. Being raised in a family of attorneys, and judge, she was introduced to legal service early-on. She developed a passion and interest specifically for Immigration Law at a very young age; mirroring her father, sister, and brother-in-law.  

In 2016, Maria moved south to Miami, Florida. During her time in Miami, her very Employment-Based legal experience expanded to include other complex cases and processes. In 2016, Maria represented individuals with complex cases involving unlawful entries, unlawful presence, prior deportations, and serious crimes.

Maria left employment and branched-out to create her own firm because she saw a demand; a demand she says for honest and thoughtful legal service.

It is AIA MIA's goal to provide clients unprecedented service. Service that includes transparency, excellent communication, and realistic expectations.

Natacha Garcia

Natacha is a lawyer from Venezuela. She graduated from Law School in Caracas, Venezuela in 2016 and came to the U.S. to pursue a postgraduate degree.

In 2017, she got her LL.M Degree from the University of Minnesota Law School.

In 2019, she obtained her JD Degree from the University of Minnesota Law School and was admitted to the Minnesota Bar.

While still in law school, she was part of the Immigration and Human Rights Clinic, where her team successfully represented an asylum client from Honduras. 

Natacha has experience in several areas of the law, but she is passionate about Immigration Law and decided to pursue her professional career in this area.

After graduating, she moved to Miami in 2019 and started to work with attorney Maria Vittori at American Immigration Attorneys Miami until July 2020.

In 2021, Natacha received her Masters in Science from the University of Miami. 

Natacha came back to AIA MIA in 2021, where she is currently handling employment-based and family-based immigration cases. 

As an immigrant, Natacha understands how hard it is to come to a different country with so many goals and dreams to achieve. This is why Natacha represents clients with commitment, compassion, equality, and respect. 


What Makes Us Different?

Maria Vittori’s employment experience made her realize that there was a high demand for honest and thoughtful service in the Immigration Legal Field.


It is because of this that Maria decided to start her own firm, AIA MIA, that provides clients unprecedented service, i.e., communication, transparency, and respect.


“The Firm is established on integrity, respect, and compassion; what every client deserves.”


Our attorneys understand that looming immigration processes can be stressful and overwhelming. That is why we believe in giving clients our full attention and treating them with care and respect. When you work with us, you'll get the benefit of:


  • Experienced attorneys; we offer solutions you have likely not heard of before;


  • Unprecedented communication throughout your case


  • Reasonable legal fees


  • We take the time to explain to you the Law and the process


  • No charge to see or speak to your attorney after the initial consultation


  • The initial consultation fee is credited toward the first process you initiate with our firm

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